Valgehobusemäe MTB Fest 2020

“Valgehobusemäe MTB Fest 2020” is a mountain bike festival, which includes the following races:
9th of May – XCO (UCI C2)
10th of May – XCM (not UCI event)
There will be separate results/prizes available for the winners of the XCO event and XCM event. In addition there will be results/prizes available also for the overall winners of 2 events (as a summarised results).
The event takes place at Valgehobusemäe Recreational center at Järva County, Estonia .

Take a look at Husqvarna XCO series 2018 race in the same venue:


Registration is open from 9th March 2020, final confirmation until 27th April 2020.



Event main organizer
Pro Cyclists Club, Allar Tõnissaar; +372 5014427
Event secretary
Kaja Malts; +372 5058742
XCO Course manager
Alari Kannel; +372 5659543
Arena manager
Martin Kaschan; , +372 5502206
Valgehobusemäe Marathon
Peeter Dedov; +372 5151005
Husqvarna XCO
Estonian Cycling Union;