“Valgehobusemäe MTB Fest 2020” is a mountain bike festival, which includes the following races:
9th of May – XCO (UCI C2)
10th of May – XCM (not UCI event)
There will be separate results/prizes available for the winners of the XCO event and XCM event. In addition there will be results/prizes available also for the overall winners of 2 events (as a summarised results).
The event takes place at Valgehobusemäe Recreational center at Järva County, Estonia


Registration is open from 9th March 2020, final confirmation until 27th April 2020.

XCO track map and footage


Event main organizer
Pro Cyclists Club, Allar Tõnissaar; info@proklubi.ee +372 5014427
Event secretary
Kaja Malts, kaja.malts@gmail.com +372 5058742
Course manager
Alari Kannel, alari.kannel@gmail.com +372 5659543
Arena manager
Martin Kaschan; martinkaschan016@gmail.com , +372 5502206
Valgehobusemäe Marathon
Peeter Dedov; peeter@atsport.ee +372 5151005
Husqvarna XCO
Estonian Cycling Union, info@xco.ee